When the https platforms passed away, converters like BroCC (Bro Code Converter) began to move on the #FFFFFF trash.

Now H2o gallery presents Etxart’s last work, BroCC (Bro Code Converter) in collaboration with some artists, such as Cy_Twombly, Joan Brossa, Evru, Barbora Trnková & Tomáš Javůrek, Dirk & Nina Paesmans, Àngels Ribé, Tamara Zaitseva, Jordi Ayuso, Oriol Pont, Mario Santamaría, Viktor Timofeev, Dora García, Antonio Küng, Ramon Bonvehí, Alexandra Baudelot, Ernesto Venditto, Ernesto Ventós, Santi Risco, Joaquim Ruiz Millet…

Movierama_BroCC is an exhibition inside a film.

The solitude of the image is part of the subject show and in this case, it is both a solo and group selection process for the echoes in between too, that then became a new tableau, a new system code in the relation of two, suspended without any sort of stereo narrative codes. That’s what rises not scenario, a second entity out of itself.