When the https platforms passed away, converters like BroCC (Bro Code Converter) began to move on the #FFFFFF trash.

Now H2o gallery presents Etxart’s last work, BroCC (Bro Code Converter) in collaboration with some artists, such as Cy_Twombly, Joan Brossa, Evru, Barbora Trnková & Tomáš Javůrek, Dirk & Nina Paesmans, Àngels Ribé, Tamara Zaitseva, Jordi Ayuso, Oriol Pont, Mario Santamaría, Viktor Timofeev, Dora García, Antonio Küng, Ramon Bonvehí, Alexandra Baudelot, Ernesto Venditto, Ernesto Ventós, Santi Risco, Joaquim Ruiz Millet…

Movierama_BroCC is an exhibition inside a film.

The solitude of the image is part of the subject show and in this case, it is both a solo and group selection process for the echoes in between too, that then became a new tableau, a new system code in the relation of two, suspended without any sort of stereo narrative codes. That’s what rises not scenario, a second entity out of itself.


smuggler—————Detect film crew and cameras as an audience

“When their ghosts appears, then something pushes me into the woods, towards the … “gypsy sun”, the Ursa Major kingdom.” Sergiusz Piasecki

Far from any retrospective desire, “Sota l’Ossa Major” is a claim of the actual state of the artistic practice of Àngels Ribé, where this new EtxART co-production and unedited film form like animated movie, a single xml frame at a time, coexist with more recent Àngels works.

Clouds, Bubbles & Waves_2019.

Clouds, Bubbles & Waves is both a film and a performance that, with just film crew and cameras as an audience, took place on 15 April 2019.

Once more, the duality between nature of film and sculpture of audience enters into play through experience in real time.

The exhibition takes from a starting point the autobiography The Lover of the Older Bear Girlfrom, from the Polish writer Sergiusz Piasecki, to address an emotional connection with nature, one of the main focus research of the artist.

Venue: Centre d’art Tecla Sala

Date: 14 November 2019 — 31 June 2020

`PPT´- postconsumer packs transportation.


” Such creatures fawning, violent, lethargic, illusive. Rush about or wander lost, simply and even in packs.” (Victor Willing.)

” L’attention est captivée en apercevant les anneaux par qui se touchent tant d’hommes inconnus les uns aux autres. ”  (Chateaubriand.)


Text unsimilarity – Geometry by itself.

The most common counting process is leading to the distant measurement in human geometry, stripped of their name, a text, a single data lost text.

The auto geometry features are particularly useful – one tap and Interliving bitmap guesses what should be straight… and usually gets it spot on.

The exhibition conceived exclusively for H2O Gallery, reveals the artist interest in human track geometry and perceptive interlaced experiences about 2088 Digivanished ( “jouhatsu”- evaporated people of Japanese census), which he explores in new sets of work:

Kakemono (2018- three large scale photographs), Interlaced (2018- three cardboards evoking flat screen realities), EyeCom_11 (2018- experimental movie), and lastly JTTS (2018-japanese text-to-speech ) 5.1 system audio installation.

Postconsumer packs transportation., also questions pics, both visible and digivanished. Pics that remains only one among the many possibilities of a non-static condition of binary maps.

In Japan, around the “yoseba”, human geometry is incredibly particular. 
Imagine a Square, that is monitored by CCTV cameras, and we use its upper side as a base of an inverted equilateral triangle, the vertex of said triangle is a cup of rice in the other side of the square. 

2088 digivanished generate a silent choreography with required dignity from its base to the vertex, to return to the base, and so on.


digivanished body-art monitored by digicams


Maestro Dirk Paesmans, show us a special type of gold redirected solar radiation on the surface of his smart-card at

Turning it into an image,

Oops !!!
a trail of anthropological xml file in the Big Network.

P.S.- The full content of the game is available completely free,
this post will be your first look inside xml files. Lot’s more to come.